OUTSIDER will showcase an inclusive and immersive experience for the public, set against a supermarket backdrop with live art, exhibitions, installations, fashion presentations, workshops and more. Presentations from 10 featured fashion designers will kick off this inaugural edition; each of which represent the best from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

Alongside these designers will be 10 local artists who will include visual art installations that mirror the OUTSIDER festival theme. The festival will also feature 45 works done by this year’s fashion graduates from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). Their works will be displayed for an extended period in the Atrium from 20 October till 29 October 2017.

The festival features notable names in both the Fashion and Art scene alongside up and coming designers and artists to look out for. Picking a supermarket backdrop for the exhibition space to showcase the fusion of fashion and art was to allow them to become part and parcel of our everyday lives; allowing visitors to immerse themselves into the world of OUTSIDER. The exhibition space will feature two main zones – the Fashion and Art Zones – and will include interactive and educational elements for all visitors.