Luooifstudio is a new independent designer brand in London, WHICH WAS belongs to the One One six Landmark luxury couture ltd , which was established on April 25th, 2015. It is not just a label also a story teller. That is the slogan form luooifstudio. When you get deep into its designs you can touch the story garden behind the label where you can feel surprise and enjoyable about its elegant shadow and naughty spirit for no sure that can be perceived as “glimpses of essence”. “I am believe that the details of the clothing will speak, the fabric talk love.” lenaloffurzzi the main designer in luooifstudio said. If the garment silhouette is a body for a human, then the fabric should be its skin and the delicate details should be its hair and face. “Their fabric and details in her looks are more like the depths of the clothing soul.” The interpretation for LuooifStudio by Barjis the founder of Barjis London. Luooifstudio’s biggest bright spot is its brand positioning and endurance, it is more concerned about the story behind the clothing every season, it is very like a TV series, the end of a set to guide the next beginning one, “I hope that what luooifstudio bring to you will be more stories and fun behind than products. It mostly look like a lady who can
tell you a story about a little girl’s adventure story. So I will prefer to use the way by filming to elaborate about my clothes. And everyone will find their epitome inside. ” Said the chief designer, lenaloffurzzi. It is a new brand but full of passion and creative, it targets the youth which age range between 20 -35 THE SEAL LINES IN LUOOIFSTUDIO SEPARATE INTO 2 DIFFERENT WAYS, THE FIRST ONE IS HAUGT COURTURE MAKING (PRICE AROUND 10000RMB-30000RMB)AND THE SECOND ONE IS ABOUIT RTW SERIES(RESEAL PRICE AROUND 1000RMB-4500RMB).
FOR THE SECOND LINE THE WHOLESEAL PRICE WILL BE depends on the quantity the details should be asked after order.